NOTE from Connie (Mom Shippy):

The following books and support sites have been the most helpful to me as Doug's Mom. My husband liked Charlie Walton's book the best and Abby, Doug's fiance liked C.S.Lewis's book. There are many many books and sites that were not helpful and I'm sure, if you are searching for comfort, you already know that. It's amazing to me how many people think they know the answers and they've never had children or never even lost a close loved one. It's like going to college to be a teacher. You don't learn a thing until you are in the classroom no matter how good your professors are. I think each loss is different.  But we search....we want to...we need to.... feel better.  We want answers.  Are there any?  Yes, the Bible has some. But, there are some we will never know the answers to until we see Jesus. It took me awhile to even come to that acceptance.  I have learned the best way to feel better is to help someone else. If you have read a book that really helped you, let me share it with others. If you want to talk to me (Connie), my husband (Denny), or Abby e-mail  and put the person you want to write to in the subject area.

When There Are No Words: Finding Your Way to Cope With Loss and Grief
by Charlie Walton is a great place to buy books. Click on each book for a link.

Grief Observed
by C. S. Lewis
Praying God's Promises in Tough Times
by Len Woods  

Deeper Than Tears
by J. Countryman, Terry Gibbs